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Fun Outdoors
Camping with RV

Departures: before 12pm

entrance road.jpg

Arrival Time: After 12pm

The entrance/exit road to the campground is a single lane road.  While we understand this is concerning for some folks, we have never had two RVs meet in the middle due to the timing of check-out and check-in. We are investigating making improvements to the entrance road in the future.  There is sufficient clearance on the road; however, we have already witnessed doubtful eyes.  You will make it, promise! There are some pull off areas for cars, and we ask that you provide RV’s the right of way.


Campfires & Firewood

Everyone loves a good campfire! All sites are equipped with a fire ring. Please do not move the fire rings or make a fire outside of a fire ring. We source firewood locally. To prevent harmful infestations, please do not bring firewood with you to Saylwinds. We ask that you burn only wood and paper in the fire rings. 



Max of 3 pets. We do not charge a pet fee.  You are responsible for your pets' actions. Please pick up after your dog(s) and dispose of waste properly -not in a fire ring or in the bath house trash. Pets must be on a leash.  Tussey, our English Lab, lives here and gets a pass on the leash rule. We do not permit Rottweilers, Pitbulls, or dogs that are excessive barkers.

Image by Kenny Eliason


Saylwinds' Refund Policy:

  • Within 7 days of arrival= no refund

  • 8-14 days prior to arrival=50%

  • >14 days prior to arrival=100% refund (minus $15 processing fee)

Note: Any reservation made prior to 6/1/23 (under Pegasus Farm Campground ownership) is not eligible for a refund per their policy at time of booking.


Speed Limit & The Grass

Speed Limit is "crawling"- 5mph

Please help us keep other guests (people & pets) safe by demonstrating caution in the campground. We ask that you not park or drive on the grass on the RV side of the tracks. No ground mats are permitted.

Image by Donald Giannatti

Trash Disposal

Help keep our campground clean for future guests. You are responsible for disposing of all of your personal trash. There is a green dumpster at the entrance/exit to the farm. Please bag and tie all trash before disposing of it in the dumpster.



There is a pond on the other side of the tracks that we lovingly refer to as "the puddle."  It is an excellent spot for young ones to learn to fish. Adults are welcome to fish as well, but please provide the right of way to kids. "The Puddle" is catch & release  and barbless hook only. 

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